Pale Ale / IPA Crate Brewery Pale ale review

Published on February 2nd, 2015 | by Lee Morgan


Crate Brewery Pale

Crate Brewery Pale Lee Morgan



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Crate Brewery’s Pale Ale, claims to be aromatic, light and fruity with a clean citrusy freshness. Yes, would agree but would also add that it has a long lasting hoppy, nutty aftertaste, and a strong scent. Nice golden colour, but not a clear pale ale, slightly cloudy, but no sediment, and does not settle into a clearer appearance after sitting in the glass. Light bubbled insignificant head. 4.5 %, so not too strong, but probably not one you could have too many repeat bottles, probably due to the long aftertaste-but still a good pale ale. Nice simple labelling, almost typewriter like in the font. Names Big Nelly, Cal and Jeff as the brewers at Crate Brewery. Looking at the brewery notes, Crate is a microbrewery based in Wick that is also a pizzeria restaurant-certainly this beer would be good with a nice handmade pizza.

4/5 stars


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