Stout/Porter Dark Star Imperial ale review

Published on January 28th, 2015 | by Martin Gray


Dark Star Imperial Stout

Dark Star Imperial Stout Martin Gray



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I am originally from West Sussex  so I was keen to see what this bottle from Partridge Green based brewery was like. Dark Star Imperial Stout is full-bodied and rich brewed with roasted barley and target hops before being matured to create a complex black beer.

Large head with a light tan head over a next to black body. Licorice, roasted malts, dark chocolate, cellar hints and some herbal hints in the strong aroma a little like fortified wine.  Lots of licorice in the flavour, with alcohol, almond essence, roasted malts, herbal hints and dark chocolate. Full body, quite a lot of carbonation. Lasting finish with herbs, dark chocolate, bitterness and alcohol.

A complex imperial stout with a good body but could be thicker. Looks good while the aroma and flavour are a satisfying blend of roasted malt, dried fruit and yeasty notes, all followed up with a too alcoholic finish. I know its 10% but i can really taste it and its just too strong. Worth sampling if you see it and i am keen to drink some more from this Brewery.

Aroma: Rich roasted malt with hints of prunes, dried fruit, molasses, burnt grain, vanilla and liquorice

Taste: Good balance of citrus, bitterness and spice.

Strength: 10.5% ABV
Brewery: Dark Star Brewery

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