Top 10 Real Ales

Below is a list of the top 10 Real Ales based on the highest rated beers on this website. It makes a great starting point for deciding upon your next beer to purchase from your local beer shop. You may even find it in our Amazon based real ale review shop .

Top 10 Real Ales from your ratings

It is your Top 10 Real Ales and becoming involved is really easy. Simply submit your own ratings to any of the beer reviews on this website by clicking on the appropriate number of stars at the bottom of each review box on every beer page. This will update the average rating for that real ale and determine the order for the following top 10 Real Ales. Remember to pop back often as the list may change regularly.

Other good reads for top 10 ales are The Independent’s Top 10 British Beers and The Telegraphs Craft Beer: The top 10 beers to try .

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